Holmes 440S-L Series

  • Holmes 440S-L Snatcher Series

One of the most popular light-duty units ever built was the Holmes 440, which has become a standard in the industry for economy and dependability. The new Holmes 440-SL, is a no-nonsese auto loader designed to tackle your towing needs. An 8,000lb recovery boom, 8,000lb winch, and an auto load system rated at 4,000lbs with in-cab controls for quick and easy operation makes the 440-SL your easy solution for light duty towing. The carbon steel modular body features two spacious tool compartments for equipment storage.

Standard Features

60" CA steel modular body Hydraulic auto loading wheel lift system
Self centering crossbar Safety chains, 5/16" Grade 70
Driver & passenger side tool compartments In cab wheel lift & winch controls
Mud flaps Federal standard 108 lighting
Adjustable body width, up to 94" 180 degree pivoting crossbar
Tailboard safety chain pockets Wheel lift ratchets & straps
8,000lb planetary winch w/ 3/8" x 100' Junction box and wiring harness
Light pylon  

Optional Features

Trailers hitch adapter Clutch pump
Helper springs Additional lighting
Wheel simulators Small tire adapters


  • Recovery boom (at boom & swivel) - 8,000lbs
  • Maximum lift angle - 21 degrees
  • Planetary winch - 8,000lbs
  • Cable - 3/8" 100'
  • Lift capacity extended - 4,000lbs
  • Tow rating -7,500lbs
  • Maximum cab to axle - 73"
  • Minimum cab to axle - 60"
  • Maximum cab to axle - 84"
  • Minimum GWVT - 14,500lbs